Tell YOUR STORY aloud … the world is your audience !

A BIG HI to all Story lovers,

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Stories find a quiet prominent place in our day to day life and influence us at every stage of life too. Who can deny that WE all got introduced to this world and it’s worldly business of relations, values and morals through our grand ma stories, in schools we best remember those teachers who explained to us through stories and examples, adolescent years were filled with teenage stories of what not on earth 🙂   things you name and its there. Graduating years were nothing different. Basically from the time we start understanding things around our life, from teen to tomb, stories become like our life’s spice and salt, little but sufficient to zing up our moments. through story books, movies, sitcoms, gossips around personal and professional life.

Anyhow … it’s just that I  wanted to reiterate that “there are stories that we have all heard, seen and made up at some point of our life”.

It was actually for me a dream come true when I joined a company that believed in these stories that could make and structure the lives of our little ones who today are  quite literally lost for words.

Been working with the team for almost 2 years now, I was working in the research team so was fortunate enough to dig out all that was new and old in story telling…. as a team for us and it’s now a genuine pleasure to dedicate to you all dear friends today a tool that helps you not just to give visuals to your story but also visual effect and audio effect, sound and dialogues in your real voice in a truly complementary app, promise no strings attached…. do you find it interesting ….. please await the details in my next blog.


Njoy n Learn, store all your stories till then.